• Digital Microscope VHX
    - Industry & Manufacturing -

    • Capturing high depth of field images
    • Optical shadow effect mode: high-definition capturing makes it possible to observe subtle contours and uneven surfaces
    • Fully-integrated head: no need for lens replacement, simply turn the knob to change magnification between 20x to 6000x
    • Fully-automated system using one full-control console: easily control all components from adjusting focus to changing magnification

  • Fluorescence Microscope BZ
    - Lifescience -

    • Enables clear fluorescence, phase contrast and brightfield images for a big variety of samples
    • Optical sectioning with structured illumination for clear images without fluorescence blurring
    • Compact System with built-in darkroom for high resolution fluorescence images 
    • Several additional modules like image cytometry, live cell imaging or 3D measurement and analysis

Please contact us if you would like to test one of the two products free of charge and on-site.


VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:10.78MB

BZ-X Series All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope Catalogue

BZ-X Series All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:16.07MB

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