• Microscope VHX

    • High depth of field - even in live image
    • Inspection from different angles
    • Numerous measuring functions for 2D and 3D images
    • User-independent change of the illumination on the saved image
    • Magnification from 0.1x to 6000x
    • Widely applicable in quality assurance, quality control, in laboratories, in production, for error analysis or in research & development
  • What kind of measurements are possible?

    Numerous measurement functions for 2D and 3D images can be performed with a few mouse clicks directly on the microscope or - thanks to the license-free software - on a separate PC. Such as angle measurements or area measurements. However, advanced measurements such as the technical cleanliness/foreign body analysis according to ISO standard are possible. Measurement results can then be exported together with the images, as a data table or as a report directly into a specific format.

  • What makes the microscope VHX unique?

    Thanks to its simple operation, every user can create high-definition, high-resolution images, regardless of previous experience. Thanks to the new multi-lighting function, objects can now be viewed independently of the user. All it takes is a touch of a button to save all the necessary lighting options in a single image. In this way, the lighting can be adjusted retrospectively and you save valuable time, because a new image of the object is no longer necessary.

  • High depth of field

  • Reliable 2D and 3D measurements

  • Free angle viewing

  • Surface visualization in 3D

Further details as well as application examples can be found in our catalog.

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